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10 Interesting Facts About Pyramids

  The pyramids were built as tombs for Egyptian Pharaoh's.

  The pyramids were built with massive stone blocks but how did the Egyptians move these blocks when they had no wheeled transport or no cranes for lifting purposes.

  In the centre of these pyramids was the burial chamber filled with riches for the Pharaoh to take to the afterlife.

  These riches proved to be a major temptation to tomb robbers and the pyramid builders tried to fool these robbers by including false doors, staircases and corridors.

  The base of the Great Pyramid of Cheops is the same area as 8 football pitches (230 metres * 230 metres).

  The burial chamber inside the Great Pyramid is as large as a small modern house (10 metres * 5 metres * 6 metres).

  The pyramids are close to the Nile because some of the huge stones were quarried far away and transported by boat to their location.

  The pyramids are all on the West bank of the Nile - the side on which the sun sets - very important to the Egyptians for religious reasons.

  The Pharaohs were buried with religious writings to aid them in the afterlife. The earliest writings were called "The Pyramid Texts" as they were written on the walls of the burial chamber. Later they were called "The Coffin Texts" because they were written on the coffin. Later still they were written on papyrus and placed inside the coffin and these are known as "The Books Of The Dead".

The Greeks visited Egypt as tourists and reported that each pyramid took 10 years and 100,000 slaves to build. This reasoning lasted 'til recent times but it is now thought to be inaccurate. The workers were free craftsmen and only about 70,000 were needed to complete a pyramid.


(Courtesy of "The Awesome Egyptians" Horrible Histories Series)



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