Irish High Crosses

Old Kilcullen


A monastery was founded here in the 5th century by St Patrick, the only remaining remnants are, the remains of a round tower, and the shaft of a well worn high cross, both pictured below, the base of another cross and the shaft of the high cross pictured on the right. The shaft stands at 2 metres high and is carved on all four sides, the east side pictured right has the 12 apostles in three panels. The north face bears David and the Lion, some interlacing, and a bishop, believed to be St Mac Tail one of the monasteries earliest bishops. The south side has 3 panels of ornament the top panel being a human interlace.

The west face Shown right bears Samson slaying the Lion, a Horseman blowing a trumpet and some figures with an ass, this is open to interpretation and could be either Christ entering Jerusalem or the flight into Egypt. The monastery was beautifully situated on a hilltop overlooking the surrounding countryside.


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