Irish High Crosses




All that remains of the monastery, which was founded here in Co Louth, by a disciple of St Patrick, Lughaidh (died around 515) are a round tower and the head of a tenth century granite cross. In 1918 the head of the cross was re-erected on a modern granite base and shaft and positioned in the graveyard east of the bell-tower. On the west face of the cross, pictured right is a decorated boss. The east face bears figure sculpture on both arms. On the left arm is a hunting scene, the right arm shows a horse carrying a headless torso, preceded by a man bearing the head, this scene, believed to be David and Goliath, is also depicted on the base of the North cross Ahenny. At the centre of the head is a square plaque with dragon like creatures uncoiling from a central boss, a detail of which is shown below.



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