Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a compilation of questions often asked about Royalty Free Music. If we’ve left out your question or if you need further clarification, call us at 353-1-8786299, or e-mail us from the button at the bottom of this page. We’re happy to help.

Q. What Is Royalty Free Music?
A. Instead of paying each time you use a piece of music, the Royalty Free Agreement grants you what might be called a “lifetime cover” (a 99 year term). This form of licensing lets you use the music worldwide as many times as you like for a one time charge. Your licensed uses include audio, video, industrial films and slide presentations as well as multimedia, television, radio and satellite broadcast.

Q. Does “Copyright Free” mean the same as Royalty Free?
A. No, the term “Copyright free” is a misnomer. Even if a piece of music is in the public domain, the sound recording is probably under copyright. Other so called “Liscence Free” approaches can be misleading as well. While they avoid the “work” of signing a license agreement, they also avoid spelling out the rights you think you are buying.

Q. What rights am I “buying out” when I purchase Royalty Free Music?
A. Basically there are 3 rights you need for AV/Video: Mechanical, Synchronization and Public Performance. The mechanical right lets you re-record the music from a purchased CD. The synchronization right lets you put the music into time relationship with a picture. Finally, you need the Public Performance Right. Your Royalty Free Agreement provides you with all 3 important rights.

Q. What if my friend at another facility asks if he can use the music?
A. Tell your friend that your license doesn’t cover this use. You may not lend, share or distribute the music (or sound effects). Your license is granted to one individual business and site.

Q. Can I charge my clients a fee for the Music?
A. You can charge your clients for the music you include in their projects when you also add other audio and/or visual elements. Your investment in a Royalty free library from can provide you with significant added revenue. In fact, its very possible that you’ll pay for your library purchase with your very first production.

Q. Can I use Premium Quality Royalty Free Music for a trade show?
A. Yes, even if you are producing an AV/Video project for a client who will actually be the exhibitor. It is a good idea to always supply your client with a copy of your Royalty Free Agreement along with your invoice. Some shows do require exhibitors to prove their right to use music.

Q. ”What if my project will be broadcast. Is there any problem?”
A. No problem at all. We do request that you list on your acknowledgements. There is no additional fee of any kind for broadcast use. If you are a broadcaster, you would be covered under your agreement with

Q. Can I use the music in a commercially available audio phono record or visual release (a CD, Cassette, Video Cassette, etc.)?
A. Yes, when the music is combined with other audio and/or visual elements added by you, the Licensee.

Q. What if the Royalty Free Agreement changes?
A. While do reserve the right to change the terms of its Royalty Free Agreement without notice, changes over the years have been few. What’s important to remember is that when you fully execute your agreement, its provisions and the rights you’ve purchased remain in effect for the full length of its term.

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