Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan, Director of Research

Sean Ryan was born in Limerick, and schooled in nearby Tipperary. He worked with the Forestry Department from 1955 until 1993, during which time he served for 3 years on special assignment with the European Commission on a Rural Development project.

Sean came to Portumna in 1967 and married in 1969. The Ryans have four children and one grandchild.

In 1972 he joined Portumna Development Company, and remained its Secretary until 1993. Sean became involved in the restoration of Portumna Castle. It was then a ruin, but now it is almost restored. Over the years he has met most of Ireland's Ministers, Prime Ministers, Presidents and high ranking officials, in an effort to keep the work going.

Honors 2001

There have been many accolades for his voluntary work on behalf of his town and Ireland in general. On July 22nd 2001, the people of Portumna gave a civic reception as a tribute to Sean's work. A 10 year old oak tree was planted and a plaque erected in his honour in the grounds of Portumna Castle, just inside the Adams gate next to a beech tree planted by Princess Mary in 1928.

Sean Ryan Tree

Sean Ryan Placque

Princess Mary and Sean Ryan Trees

Princess Mary 1928

In the past several years Sean has continued his interest in community and Irish history. He has added several pages to the website including The Spanish Wild Geese, and presently works on another interest, The Great Famine.

Portumna Yew Walk

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