Regiment of Galmoy 1698-1714
Articles contributed by Robert Hall , Frankfurt, Germany

The regiment of Galmoy was formed on 27th February 1698 from the debris of the regiments of Charlemont and the Queen of England’s foot dragoons. Its colonel was Pierce Butler, 3rd Viscount Galmoy, born in Ireland on 21st March 1652 and died in France on 18th June 1740. He had fought with the Jacobites during the war in Ireland, serving as colonel of the 2nd regiment of horse and later Major General of Horse. He commanded the 2nd or Queen’s regiment of horse in France from 1691 until it was disbanded at the end of the Nine Years War in 1698. His regiment has been somewhat neglected in history since it did not survive the War of the Spanish Succession, although its service in that war was equal to that of the others in the Irish Brigade and included the following actions:

1701 Italy: Carpi, Chiari
1702 defense of Cremona, Santa Vittoria, Luzzara
1703 Rhine, Breisach, Landau, Speyerbach
1704 Italy
1705 Cassano, Castiglione
1706 Calcinato, Turin
1707 Rhine, lines of Stollhofen
1708 Spain, Tortosa, Valentia, Alecante
1709 Dauphiné, Flanders, Malplaquet
1710 Flanders
1712 Douai, Le Quesnoy, Bouchain
1713 Roussillon
1714 Barcelona

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O’Callaghan’s "History of the Irish Brigades" as well as other more general histories of the period.

The flags are after the Mss. DuVivier and La Moskowa.

The uniform details are from an original contract in the Minutier Central of the Archives Nationales Paris.

The illustrations are taken from my own booklet "Flags & Uniforms of the French Infantry under Louis XIV"

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