Sound Eye

. . . Irish Poetry & the Universe of Writing

This is a site given over to poetry, in the broad sense. The focus is on Irish poetry in the English language, and on work which seems to me to extend in interesting and surprising ways the possibilities for poetry anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Much material is here already - more will follow soon.

You will also find information about the history of alternative poetries, especially in Ireland. Since work of this sort is usually omitted from big anthologies and grand surveys, even poets working in the field are often unaware of parallel efforts elsewhere. This site will play its part in countering that waste. 

Since the justification for the site will centre on the quality of the work presented, expect to find these pages stripped of all unnecessary furniture, but, as a result, easy to read and to navigate.

This will not be primarily an ezine, but a gradually growing body of works, many of which will reside here permanently.


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if the eye be sound the fish is sweet