Randolph Healy

Born in 1956 in Scotland, moved to Dublin 18 months later. Studied mathematical sciences in Trinity College Dublin. Beau press published 25 Poems, edited by Maurice Scully, in 1983. Has published work in The Beau Magazine, Gargara, Angel Exhaust, West Coast Line and The Poet's Voice. The pamphlet Envelopes was published in 1996 by Cambridge Poetical Histories. Married to Louise MacMahon since 1983. They have four daughters: Margaret (11), Florence (8), Genevieve (5) and Beatrice (1).

In recent years Healy has started one of the most remarkable of Irish poetry imprints. Wild Honey Press is remarkable equally for the care and delicacy of its limited-edition hand-produced volumes and for the ambition and quality of the entire enterprise. Wild Honey has published Healy's most recent work in four chapbooks: Rana Rana!, Arbor Vitae, Flame and Scales.


Colonies of Belief (from 25 Poems, 1983)

Mutability Checkers (from Rana Rana!, 1997)

Arbor Vitae (1997)

Flame (1998)

"A Poet in the Information Age"
Interview with Randolph Healy
(by Robert Archambeau, Notre Dame Review)

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