The Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry

Trinity College, Cambridge.
April 23rd to 25th, '99

Starts Friday evening, runs to Sunday evening

Consists basically of poetry readings, with some musical, performance or other events.


All events open to the public.
Week-end tickets, day-tickets or single event tickets will be available.
Registration is not required. The conference is not residential.

Provisional Information for CCCP1999

The following poets are invited, in some cases still subject to confirmation pending financial arrangements etc. A final list will be issued at a later date.


From UK
Michael Ayres, Lee Harwood, Ralph Hawkins, Andy Johnson, Bob Walker


From France
Andres Ajens, Oscarine Bosquet, Michel Deguy, Christian Prigent


From Canada
Erin Mouré, Lisa Robertson


From USA
Andrea Brady, Michael Palmer


From Australia
Robert Adamson


From Ireland


From Music
Simon Fell and IST


Rod Mengham, Jesus College, Cambridge. fax: 01223 328959

Kevin Nolan. e-mail

Peter Riley. phone/fax 01223 576422. e-mail


There will be no advance booking this year (it's has never really been necessary)
Weekend, day or single event tickets on the door.

Please pass this on to anyone likely to be interested.

The difficulties we're having arriving at a final list of participants mean we can't issue a printed flyer yet.