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The Drogheda East Meath Educate Together Association (DEMETA) was established in response to huge local support at a public launch on January 13th, 2001. A steering committee was successful in openeing a new a new primary school in September 2001. The new school has been set up in accordance with the Educate Together ethos which seeks to actively foster an environment of respect and appreciation of all aspects of diversity among children, their families and the school staff. More information about the Educate Together approach to education can be found on their website at www.educatetogether.ie.

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Breaking News

School Open!!

On September 3rd Le Ch ile Educate Together National School opened its doors with 46 pupils, divided into three classes. We thank all those who supported us in our efforts and look forward to ongoing support as we build a special place for our children.

Autumn Craft Fair

A Craft Fair will be held on Saturday November 10th, from 11am to 4pm at Le Chéile National School (in the premises of the Drogheda Grammar School). Admission will be £2 for Adults and 50p for children and senior citizens. Some of the artistic treats in store include paintings, pottery, candles, jewellrey, painted and stained glass, woodwork, dough craft, handmade cards, leather goods, dreamcraft, textile art,decoupage, and much more. The Le Chéile parents will also have their cake stand and monster book/music stand. Come early and get some Christmas shopping done ahead of the crowds.

For more information contact Suzanne at (041)9832718 or suzannes@indigo.ie

Local Charity Chest Supports DEMETA

The Drogheda Community Charity Chest delighted us recently by presenting us with a cheque for £2500 towards the purchase of much needed equipment for the school. The Drogheda Community Charity Chest raises its funds through the sales of its lottery tickets and uses the funds to supoprt local commuity and charity groups. We encourage you to support them as they have supported us.

DEMETA News Update

Pre-enrolment Figures Soar

Since the launch of DEMETA on January 13th, 2001, there has been a steady stream of applications for pre-enrolment of children for all classes between 2001 and 2005. Pre-enrolments have increased further with the opening of the school. Parents considering sending their children to Le Chéile should contact the Enrolment Officer immediately to apply for a place in the school. All places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Applications for enrolment are being accepted for Junior Infants classes up to 2006. Membership of DEMETA is not a requirement for pre-enrolment. To receive a pre-enrolment application form send a request to alanmorgan2@dol.ie or call Jacinta Cassidy at (041) 9828701.


A central element of the Educate Together approach is its democratic nature. Essentially this means that members make the key decisions about the school and what facilities or resources will be put in place. To fully participate in this democratic process each member holds a vote at general meetings. Members also make up the various committees and the Board of Management of the school. Membership is open to all who have an interest in supporting the aims of the association and is not limited to parents or guardians of children enroled or pre-enroled in the school. For more information on membership or to request a membership application please email suzannes@indigo.ie
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General Information

About Educate Together

Educate Together is the national association of the Educate Together schools in the Republic of Ireland. There are currently 17 schools in the Republic, 9 in the greater Dublin region and 7 outside. One of the schools is a gaelscoil. Each school is self governing with its own patron body. Educate Together represents these bodies in negotiations with the Department of Education and other national organisations. Educate Together receives government assistance and is dependent on charitable funding. Its national officers are elected annually from the school communities and work in a voluntary capacity.

Educate Together schools are set up and developed by groups of parents in a local area, who wish to send their children to a national school that is multi-denominational, child-centred, co-educational and democratically run. The schools are fully recognised by the Department of Education, are non-feepaying and operate under the same rules applying to all national schools.


Educate Together schools from the outset respect all ethical and religious traditions. Every family's background and ethical preference is respected and cherished within the school. The school does not teach any particular faith or creed but facilitates any group of parents to organise religious instruction for their children outside the main school programme. However, this does not mean that Educate Together schools avoid issues of ethics and morality. Educate Together schools have well developed ethical education programmes which teach children core values of appreciation and respect of social, cultural and other human difference; health and safety; social responsibility and rights and other features necessary to inform a child's developing mind to live in our rapidly changing society.

Democratically Run...

As all Educate Together schools are set up by groups of parents, parents have unparalleled access and involvement in the running and development of the school. The patron body (a structure required by the state) is a charity set up by the parents in the locality and is governed by a constitution. Decisions are controlled by general meetings and officers are regularly elected. This body allocates its representatives on to the Board of Management (the body that handles the day-to-day running of the school) in a democratic fashion that respects parents' wishes.

This, in addition to directly elected parents' representatives, ensures that parents have a huge influence in school affairs. This unique level of parental involvement, can only develop properly if it fully recognises and respects the professional role of the teacher and builds a genuine partnership between the professional and the parent to produce the maximum educational benefit to the children.

Partnership in Education...

With their unique ethos and democratic structure, Educate Together schools deliver a tremendous opportunity for parents, teachers and children to develop an educational community which provides an optimal environment for children to develop their intellectual, academic, social, cultural and physical life. Because they are so rooted in a living community, the schools can and do become important community resources making their facilities available in an appropriate way outside school hours.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Educate Together Schools different?

An Educate Together school serves the needs of the whole community, catering for all religions and none. The ethos of our schools is inclusive, encouraging respect for diversity. In our schools, there is no need for accommodation to be made for people of differing views. Being different is taken for granted.

Why are they called Educate Together schools?

"Educate Together" was carefully chosen as the name of our national parent organisation to reflect not just the coming together of children of different faiths and beliefs, but from different social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Educate Together schools are multi-denominational, co-educational, child-centred and democratically run. Our schools are open to all, on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Are Educate Together Schools anti-religious?

Educate Together schools have a Religious Education Programme, which teaches children an appreciation and respect for different religions and belief systems. Religious instruction in any one particular faith is organised by parents outside school hours.

Why are all Educate Together schools co-educational?

Educate Together is committed to encouraging all children to explore their full range of abilities and opportunities, and to developing active programmes to counter gender stereotyping and inequity in all aspects of school life.

What does 'child-centred' mean?

Child-centredness means that the school is committed to creative development of the educational programme through genuine dialogue between teachers and parents for the common good of all children attending the school. While covering the curriculum as set out by the Department of Education and Science, children are encouraged to fulfil their potential, as part of the class.

How can parents be involved in their child's education at an Educate Together school?

Active and focused parental involvement is a vital element of parents' contribution to the education of their children. Educate Together schools encourage parents to become actively involved in the education of their children and the broader school community. This can be done through membership of the Patron body (the role filled by a bishop in the denominational schools). Parents can also become involved in Parent Associations, and in the development of extra curricular activities. While endorsing the professional role of the teachers in the school, parents can work with teachers to enhance their children's learning experience in class.

How are Educate Together schools funded?

The Department of Education and Science provides an annual grant for each child, of £60.00. This capitation grant is clearly not sufficient to cover the ongoing costs of running a primary school. As with most national schools, Educate Together schools have a fundraising programme, and many have a system of voluntary contributions. Educate Together schools must meet 25% of the rental costs of temporary premises when they first open. This decreases to 5% once the school is granted permanent recognition by the Department of Education and Science. Since January 1999, parents contribution to the building costs of a new school is capped at £50,000, with the Department funding the remainder.

I have no children of primary school age. Can I still support your work?

Membership of DEMETA is open to all who support the aims of Educate Together and the local area association. For information on becoming a member please contact us for an application. Educate Together is a registered charity. Donations are eligible for relevant tax deductions. If you have skills, resources or other services to offer to the school and/or association please contact us. We welcome all offers of support.
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For further information and to request membership or pre-enrolment forms contact us at:


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Educate Together Website: www.educatetogether.ie

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