Recently I have become stuck with the main branch of my family research and so with the great help of a 4th cousin once removed I have investigated the Fulchers who lived mostly in Occold, Suffolk.  The research carried out by my cousin was above and beyond the call of duty as the Fulchers are not even related to her!

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All births, christenings, burials took place in Occold unless otherwise stated. For the purpose of identifying the era of people I have taken a person's age as approximately 20 years before the birth of their first child.  Also I have taken their date of birth as the month in which they were christened.  This allows me to know at a glance whether a person was christened.  If I have the information about a person's age from a census I have given their age as Abt.

The tree starts with Thomas Fulcher who married Mary.  He was born before 1728.  We have found four of their children:

William 1748-1828 who married three times and I am descended from his third wife
Richard September 1751 No further information
Mary June 1752 No further information
Elizabeth February 1755 Married John Runacres
October 1782 no  further information

William's first marriage was to Elizabeth? who was born before 1754 and died July 1791.  They had the following children

Elizabeth January 1774 No further information
Mary February 1776 No further information
John 1777-1779  
Jonathon 1780-1787  
Sarah December 1781 No further information.

William's second marriage was to Isabella Cunningham who was born before 1758 in Syleham.  They married 6 July 1792 and she died October 1793.  A short marriage.  They had one child James who was born February 1793 and died January 1876. 

Isabella had previously been married to James Sevil on 17 November 1778 in Syleham. They had four children.  James - January 1779,  Lydia - November 1870, Susan - June 1782, Clemency - May 1785.  Clemency had a child born in 1816 and then married John Everson in 15 June 1822.    This will further complicate the family tree as a Mary Fulcher married an Edward Everson in October 1854 and are my great great grandparents.

William obviously liked to be married and married Elizabeth Perkins on 7 September 1794, 11 months after the death of wife number 2.  She was born in 1763 and died in 1823, five years before the death of William.

Elizabeth had previously been married to Thomas Perkins who died in June 1790.  They had two children, Mary May 1784 and Phoeby December 1786.

William and Elizabeth Perkins produced six children.

Noah 1795-1879 Married Elizabeth Bolton
Eleanor 1797 No further information
Hannah March 1799 No further information
John March 1800 No further information
Charles August 1802 No further information
John January 1804 Married Sarah Crowe

The following is a list of the separate web pages (there are hyperlinks on the various pages to enable you to follow the tree if you prefer)

Hannah 1821
James 1793-1876
James 1831-1891
John 1804
Mary 1829-1899
Noah 1795-1879
William 1824