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  The DUBLIN SUMMER SCHOOL was founded in 1971 and our courses were recognised only 2 years later by the Irish Minister for Education. This recognition as an "English Language Summer School for the teaching of English as a foreign language" has been granted every year since then.

We take pride in the fact that many of our students come back year after year.


Ireland, the "Emerald Isle", is one of the member states of the European Union. Due to the influence of the Gulf stream its climate is moderate - mild winters and warm summers - which leads to a variety of vegetation one would not normally expect at these latitudes: evergreen pastures, wooded hills and river valleys, scenic lakes, wild and rugged landscapes with occasional pockets of subtropical flora.


The people of Ireland seem to belong to a different era: the pace of life is noticeably slower and more leisurely than in the rest of Europe. The Irish love to communicate, an Irishman always has time for his hobby, for a chat with his friends or for a helping hand to a visitor. Time here is definitely not money.

  Dublin, the Capital of Ireland, is situated on the scenic East coast of the island. The centre is a colourful mixture of shopping streets, cafès, cinemas and theatres (true to their love for language the Irish are proud of their theatre tradition), museums, parks etc. And although the attractions and facilities available to the visitor can easily compete with the comparable cities on the European mainland the general atmosphere is that of a smaller city and definitely less hectic.

Most Dubliners do not live in the centre but in quiet, green suburbs about 5-8km away from the bustle. That way they feel they can enjoy the best of both worlds: the amenities of the city together with the space and peace of their own gardens. English is of course the official language of Ireland. It is widely recognised that their spoken English is the clearest in the whole of the English speaking world.

The atmosphere in the school is of great importance to us. While methods may have changed over the decades our basic principles have remained the same: the idea was - and is - to create a friendly, personal environment in which the learning of English can be both efficient and enjoyable. We do not forget that our students are coming to an unfamiliar surrounding and therefore aware that our hospitality has to start at the very first moment, i.e. when they arrive at Dublin airport. It has to take care of the fact that they may need help at any stage during their stay with us and that there is life beyond the classroom.

Our Teachers are not only experienced and qualified (that goes without saying) but also approachable. We still regard sympathetic and helpful teachers as the main "teaching aid" and we encourage them to communicate with their students beyond the basic passing on of language skills.

Our courses are recognised by the Irish Minister for Education as an "English Language Summer School for the teaching of English as a foreign language".


Our textbooks and teaching material are updated every year and are included in the price of the programme. We offer at least 5 different grades, starting from beginners up to proficiency level. A certificate will be awarded to the successful participant.

  Our Families are all known to us personally. As a great deal of English is learnt and practiced in the home we take particular care in the selection of our host families. We make sure that the student is welcomed as a member of the family and keep in close contact with them during the whole duration of the student's stay in Ireland. We encourage everybody to talk to us in case of any cause for concern.

Most of our families are quite young, they all live in their own houses in green residential areas about 15 minutes away from the school. (We run a special school bus). We guarantee that only one student of any one mothertongue lives in the same house at the same time. The price of our programmes is based on full board.

Extra-curricular activities

We know of course that our students do not come to Ireland to just sit in class and live with Irish families. Getting to know some of the culture and geography of the country, finding out about the Irish way of life, taking part in leisure and social activities will always be an integral part of the successful and enjoyable holiday. We therefore believe that a comprehensive programme should offer extracurricular activities outside the school environment.

With this in mind our programmes include activities like: Coach excursions into the country Visits to places of interest e.g. museums and public buildings. Lectures and guided city tours School parties and organised sports activities (we employ a special sports teacher)

And, of course, we are always open to suggestions from our participants, should they express a specific interest in an activity or outing which is not on offer.


Groups arriving at Dublin airport will be collected free of charge. Individual students will be charged a collection fee of EUR 45.- per transfer

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