Note 6 - Reductionism of Science

Conventional Science provides an excellent example of gross reductionism in relation to the three fundamental polarities.

Firstly through the horizontal polarities interior and exterior (and exterior and interior) dynamically interact in experience continually changing both aspects, in formal scientific interpretation this interaction is completely frozen.
So the assumption is made that the exterior objective aspect of reality corresponds directly with our subjective mental constructs (and likewise our subjective constructs with objective reality). Thus there is a double form of reductionism involved here where both aspects are confused with each other. So this distorts the dynamic appreciation of scientific phenomena greatly lessening the deep creative capacity of wonder at reality.

Secondly, though the vertical poles of whole and part (and part and whole) dynamically interact, again in formal interpretation this interaction is again frozen so that wholes are reduced to parts (and parts to wholes). So without its own method of interpretation such science has no means of properly distinguishing the quantitative from the qualitative aspects of reality.

Thirdly, though the diagonal poles of (fundamental) form and emptiness continually interact again such science ignores this interaction attempting to define reality in merely finite material terms. Likewise even though in practice the importance of spiritual intuition - especially for creative scientific - work may be recognised, in formal terms science is presented as a merely rational body of truths.

So the methods of rational science in fact represent an extreme in terms of the differentiation of reality. Thus the attempt to achieve a properly integrated view of reality - using the understanding of such science - inevitably leads to considerable fragmentation and reductionism.

Of course rational science has great uses and benefits in analytically understanding reality. However it is inherently not suited as an integral tool.

That is why I am so passionate about the need for radically distinctive integral interpretations of science which are directly based on the understanding of the dynamic interactions of the basic poles conditioning all relationships.