Note 3 - Interdependence

The communication of any classification system will inevitably be couched in analytic terms where more general classifications of stages are gradually sub-divided revealing a greater level of detail.

So in my own case I start with the Bands as the most general classification and then through repeated sub-division arrive at the Modes as the most specific stages.

However it is important to remember that Macro and Micro stages (and Micro and Macro) are in fact interdependent (and intimately related in experience).

So the very process of explaining the more general stages requires understanding at the most specific level. Equally understanding at the specific levels requires the more general appreciation.

For example explaining the diagonal polarities of the Bands (the most general) requires clarifying the distinction as between affective and cognitive understanding which in turn is the main focus of the Modes (the most specific).

Thus the very understanding of both (though listed separately) requires recognition of their common interdependence.

However, due to the fact that the same TOE equally intimately applies in all cases (e.g. for broadly and narrowly classified stages) it greatly facilitates this appreciation of interdependence.