Note 2 - TOE

I have dealt with this in previous Chapters.

Just to repeat it is based on a holistic circular interpretation of number where, quite literally, the fundamental polarities - which condition all phenomenal relationships - can be expressed in precise mathematical fashion as a reduced expression of oneness.

This without doubt provides the most appropriate scientific basis for the integration of reality at all levels.

It is in fact a dynamic binary system. When opposite poles are separated in experience, (conscious) understanding always takes place with respect to one isolated reference frame, leading to the positing of relationships in a linear asymmetrical manner (1). Differentiation in experience is always based on this separation.

However the basis for integration is (directly) unconscious, which requires the corresponding negation (of what has already been posited). The corresponding fusion of opposite poles leading to nondual spiritual awareness in experience is the very nature of integration.

So integration is approached in a circular manner (through the combination of opposite poles) i.e. 1 - 1 = 0 (in holistic terms).

Thus differentiation is always associated with (linear) form (1).
Integration is always associated with (circular) emptiness (0).

This approach also demonstrates clearly how every asymmetrical interpretation of development (based on one isolated polar reference frame) has an equally valid opposite (mirror) interpretation (based on the other reference frame).
So it is the pairing of these opposite asymmetrical interpretations (for all development sequences) that creates the paradoxical dynamic symmetry, which is reconciled through nondual spiritual insight.

So the TOE is precisely expressed as a dynamic (holistic) binary system, providing the basic elements of differentiation and integration (which are consistently connected through very subtle bi-directional understanding).

It also demonstrates the precise nature of the fundamental poles, which condition reality.

The first set relates to the horizontal (real) poles where every relationship (at a given level) is conditioned by exterior and interior (and interior and exterior) aspects which are relatively positive (+) and negative (-) with respect to each other.

The second set relates to the vertical (imaginary) poles, where all relationships between levels are conditioned by whole and part (and part and whole) aspects, which are again positive (+) and negative (-) with respect to each other. Relative to the horizontal poles the vertical are - in holistic mathematical terms - real and imaginary with respect to each other.

The third set relates to the diagonal (complex) poles, where all relationships simultaneously within and between levels are conditioned in the most fundamental sense by form and emptiness (and emptiness and form) aspects which are relatively positive (+) and negative (-) with respect to each other (both real and imaginary).
They also have an alternative explanation as null lines = 0. Thus the holistic mathematical approach provides the most refined expression possible of the relationship between form and emptiness, demonstrating how - in dynamic terms - they are ultimately identical.

So the TOE can be applied directly to the understanding of all stages of development.

Thus all stages have a linear differentiated (1) and circular integral (0) interpretation which are dynamically related through paradoxical bi-directional understanding.

In horizontal (real) terms the Spectrum can be expressed in terms of Stages of Self and Stages of Reality (with linear and circular interpretations in all cases).

Likewise when the vertical (imaginary) poles are combined both the Stages of Self and Stages of Reality can be defined with respect to both States and Structures (again with linear and circular interpretations in all cases).

Also when the diagonal (complex) poles are combined, these four dimensions can be further subdivided in terms of Mind (cognitive) and Body (affective) understanding (with linear and circular interpretations).