11 - Radial Unfolding
In some respects, radial unfolding mirrors the earliest stages of development as one is "born again" (in spiritual light).

Thus the first stage of early development (L1) relates to the differentiation of the bodyself.

Likewise with Radial 1 we have the differentiation of a new bodyself (that is equally fully integrated) in a mystical awareness of one’s body as being identical with the entire physical Kosmos. One is still of course aware of having an individual body. However because of freedom from undue rigid attachment, one is able to seamlessly mediate as between this body and the world of form, so that the same Spirit (in both) is continually experienced. Thus in breathing for example one is not so much conscious of a separate ego self but rather is aware of breathing in and out the very (spiritual) life of this Kosmos.

Again at L2 we had the differentiation of the emotional self.

Once more at Radial 3 we have the differentiation (and integration) of a new mystically inspired emotion. One can - as before - experience feelings in individual terms. However because of freedom from attachment such individual experience interacts freely with a global collective sense of feeling (in universal compassion for all creation).

Finally at L3 we had the differentiation of the mental self.

Now at H3 we have the full differentiation (and integration) of mystically inspired mind. One can have individual thoughts but now (free of all attachment) this freely interacts with a universal form of wisdom (where the common nature of all dynamic structures is clearly comprehended). And this understanding is now actively communicated in everything one does.

More importantly it can now be fully combined with the other primary modes (affective and volitional) in the most creative - most productive - life enhancing experience that is the fullest expression of creation’s own desire for ultimate meaning (as both its common source and destiny in Spirit).