8 - Peak Moments of Awareness

Though it is theoretically feasible for peak lucid moments of mature spiritual awareness to arise at any stage of development (due to the complementary nature of stages) this is unlikely with respect to the earliest levels L2 (magic) and especially L3 (archaic). This is due to the fact that the differentiation of structures would be so limited that it could not properly support peak moments of integration (that implicitly depend on the reconciliation of poles that have already been differentiated).

It is however certainly possible that with some precocious children development of earlier stages (in some respects) could take place extremely rapidly this enabling lucid spiritual experience at a very early age.

The most common early (lucid) spiritual experience takes place at L1 (mythic). L1 therefore bears a very close relationship with H1 (psychic/subtle). Because they lie on either side of the middle level, with sufficient differentiation, they both partake - to some degree - of its differentiated nature.

Therefore though the relationship of horizontal polarities (interior and exterior) may be - for the most part - still confused at L1, sufficient differentiation will have taken place to perhaps enable frequent moments of the more lucid spiritual awareness (that typifies H1).

Equally - in reverse - because (advanced) spiritual maturity has not yet been properly consolidated at H1, frequent valley periods where one can lapse into the early mythical type spiritual understanding of L1, are also very likely.