3 - Comparison of Present with Earlier Approach

About 7 years ago, I provided an earlier version of this stage model approach to the pre/trans fallacy Reformulating the Pre/trans Fallacy (using 8 distinct interpretations).

Perhaps it would be of value to briefly compare these approaches.

In the earlier approach I combined Analytic 1 and Analytic 2 as just one stage i.e. Analytic 1.

What is Analytic 3 in the present then corresponded to Analytic 2 in the earlier approach.

My Analytic 3 (in the former approach) related in effect to the enhanced interpretations of Analytic 2 (vision-logic) afforded through the perspective of the "higher" stages (H1, H2 and H3).

Now my next three interpretations in the current approach (Holistic 1, Holistic 2 and Holistic 3) correspond closely to the equivalent interpretations (Integral 1, Integral 2 and Integral 3) in the former treatment.

The greatest change is with respect to the radial approaches. In the earlier attempt I was in effect offering a reduced interpretation (from the H3 perspective). Thus though I then defined two approaches (Radial 1 and Radial 2) I did not properly appreciate the dynamics associated.

This time - five years on - the approach more accurately reflects a (preliminary) Radial 1 model (with now three stage interpretations, R1, R2 and R3). Therefore though it is still - necessarily - reduced in terms of R2 and R3, it is possible - from the perspective of Radial 1 - to accurately provide the general nature of the dynamics associated with all three radial stages.