27 - R2 Understanding

Once again we have here the R2 interpretation of the R2 stage with enhanced interpretations of preceding stages.

From an intellectual perspective Radial 1 was concerned with re-establishing a stable holistic attitude to reality where wisdom was appropriately balanced by compassion.

Now the radial separation of vertical polarities at R2 (i.e. whole and part) with respect to states and structures would enable a much more detailed analytical investigation of disciplines (while maintaining appropriate integration in terms of a bi-directional holistic framework).

In other words at this stage one’s contemplative state would enable - in satisfactory manner - integration of the detailed structures investigated.

Also as before this additional knowledge would considerably enhance interpretation of the earlier levels (providing both bi-directional and one-directional appreciation of structures).

During "higher" stages though structures are continually differentiated to a greater degree of refinement, it is mainly with respect to their bi-directional (circular) rather than their one-directional (linear) appreciation.