26 - The Radial Vision

Once again Radial 1 (R1) brings a R1 interpretation of R1 and an enhanced interpretation of earlier stages.

The R1 interpretation of R1 represents a progression from H3. Now we were enabled to both bi-directionally differentiate and integrate levels (with respect to stages of self and stages of reality, stages as structures and stages as states, and finally stages as cognitive expression and stages as affective expression).

However the difference between H3 and R1 is that at H3, the emphasis is primarily on bi-directional (complementary) interpretation of phenomena as a catalyst for deepening awareness of nondual reality.

In other words though conscious phenomena are involved, their role is essentially indirect (as a preparation for their own dissolution) in nondual awareness.

Put another way this reflects a growing emphasis on the spiritual deepening of unconscious - as opposed to conscious - awareness.

This bias in turn towards the unconscious reflects - as yet - insufficient security with respect to a permanent volitional intent of non-attachment to phenomena.

However with R1 not alone are all these aspects (i.e. stages of self and reality, structures and states, and affective and cognitive aspects) understood in a balanced complementary manner but they are now gradually separated again with a view to their dualistic appreciation.

This signals a turn back towards conscious understanding and also signals that pure volitional intent is now sufficiently developed to support this activity (without secondary attachment to phenomena arising).

So at R1, the emphasis is mainly (coming from the contemplative direction) towards the diagonal re-splitting (in a suitable radial manner) of polarities. This in turn requires the gradual radial re-differentiation (and re-integration) of affective and cognitive modes. One outcome of this is the birth of the radial bodyself (i.e. where one’s individual body is seen to freely interpenetrate with the cosmic or mystical body of all creation).

So the task here in intellectual terms is to achieve holistic wisdom (in the clear knowledge of the structures of all development) while maintaining balance in terms of a holistic form of compassion for all creation.

Through extension R1 gives an enhanced interpretation of the early stages, incorporating this new diagonal appreciation with the understanding already achieved.