25 - Active and Passive Mystical Types

We can distinguish two main mystical strands - with distinctive unfoldings - at the radial stages.

The most common is the active mystical type. Though this requires considerably more development with respect to the "higher" levels (than the centaur) it remains soundly grounded in the understanding and capabilities of the middle level (even when appropriate spiritual development occurs). In other words "higher" spiritual development for this type represents a continual modification rather than a radical departure from the (enlightened) worldview of the centaur.

Radial development for the active type would thus continue to gravitate around the middle level. The "radial" challenge here would be to successfully integrate the "higher" levels (insofar as they can be developed) with this level.

So we have in this case much committed spiritual activity that is inspired and enlightened to a (lesser) degree by contemplative awareness.

The less common is the passive mystical type. Here contemplative development is likely to have developed to a remarkable depth. However this specialisation usually requires a radical breaking from the habits and expectations (even in spiritual terms) associated with the middle level.

Thus the problem for this passive type at the radial stages is to become fruitfully involved once again in active affairs (as the expression of the contemplative wisdom attained).

So radial development here is likely to gravitate for some considerable time around the "highs" and "lows" of the Spectrum (that have now become centred in a nondual state). Thus the "radial" challenge here is to continue to reach out to the middle level (which may be least developed) so as to both gradually re-differentiate (and then re-integrate it) with the other levels of the Spectrum.

Though considerable progress may ultimately be made in this direction, in most cases radial development is destined to remain substantially wedded to contemplation (without a corresponding degree of active worldly transformation).

Perhaps we should distinguish a third type here, where a considerable degree of balance is maintained throughout development as between the active and contemplative aspects.

The superstars of the radial stages e.g. great saints often come from this category and are destined for substantial development at Radial 3 (the most advanced stage).

However others - though not so celebrated - can also attain in some measure to this stage.