9 - Subtle level (Enhanced) Interpretation of Vision-logic
I will briefly illustrate this new interpretation of vision-logic i.e. the vision-logic interpretation of H1 with reference to understanding of the four quadrants.

At the centaur (i.e. the vision-logic interpretation of the vision-logic stage) though one can successfully differentiate the distinctive understanding associated with each of the quadrants, it is done in a somewhat unambiguous manner.

For instance there may be a tendency to look at scientific phenomena as belonging (unambiguously) to the exterior (i.e. Right-Hand quadrants).

However now we recognise that a mirror image asymmetrical interpretation can be given for both Right-Hand and Left-Hand quadrants.

Thus the recognition of scientific phenomena has no meaning in the absence of the interpretative constructs we use in understanding.

Therefore actual experience of such phenomena can be taken asymmetrically in two ways.

  • as exterior phenomena (which are faithfully registered through interior constructs)
  • as interior constructs (to which exterior phenomena accurately conform).
  • Therefore we now can see that what initially might have appeared (unambiguously) as a Right-Hand quadrant event has - in fact - a mirror image Left-Hand interpretation.

    The same applies when approached - initially from the Left-Hand.

    Thus we might see a quality like compassion as belonging (unambiguously) to the Left-Hand quadrants. However it has no meaning in the absence of an exterior context.

    Thus if I see a starving beggar and am moved to compassion, I can interpret this event asymmetrically in two ways.

  • as interior feeling (which is aroused at the sight of the exterior phenomenon).
  • as exterior phenomenon (which arouses the interior feeling of compassion)
  • So once again what seemed to unambiguously belong to one quadrant is now seen as having asymmetrical interpretations in both horizontal quadrants