8 - Adjustment in the Spiritual Life

Initially when linear rigidity is still present at H1, one will tend to identify with the higher trans (rather than the lower pre aspect).

Thus one interprets it as progress to advance to the higher level (H1). However it is considered regression (in linear terms) to find oneself back at L1.

However adjustment to the "lower" stage gradually becomes possible through realising that H1 and L1 are in fact complementary. So when this has largely been achieved one substantially loses concern with one’s (asymmetrical) level of development and thus can experience in more authentic fashion, contemplative (nondual) awareness.

Paradoxically when this is achieved one is ready to return - as it were - to the next higher stage of development (where the same oscillating pattern of dynamics will then occur in more refined manner).

If we were to give a brief outline of stages of H1, we would need to define sub-levels.

So initially development at SL1 (sub-level 1) is concerned with the reconciliation of (horizontal) opposites with respect to concrete phenomena (with development in relation to all the primary modes, cognitive, affective and volitional).

So the trans phase (using the initial linear perspective) is associated with illumination and the higher stage of H1; the pre phase is then associated with purgation and the descent to the earlier stage of L1.

Then development returns to the higher level this time with respect to the formal aspect (SL2). (This occurs when one accepts that one initially viewed as pre is from an alternative perspective trans!)

For example in cognitive terms at SL2 one now attains at this time a deeply holistic philosophic worldview in keeping with the paradoxical dynamics of the stage.

Once again we have the trans stage (perceived as higher) and the purgative descent to L1 (as the prepersonal stage). Then when the switch takes place to the "pre" stage, gradual adjustment takes place as one learns to accept it from this new perspective as also trans!

Finally these oscillating dynamics give way to the most contemplative experience of the stage corresponding to the vision stage (SL3) where spiritual stability is maintained (though severe purgation may still occur).