6 - Complementarity of Horizontal and Vertical Polarities at H1

This elimination of dualistic illusion does not happen immediately. Indeed the vertical aspect only arises in an indirect manner at H1.

I will briefly explain this important point.

As we have seen H1 is defined by the attempt to reconcile the fundamental polarities i.e. exterior and interior (and interior and exterior). Initially one is aware of being at a higher level and so attempts to reconcile these polarities within that level.

However the conscious bears a strong relationship to corresponding unconscious understanding. Thus the attempt to reconcile consciously interpreted polarities creates a compensating effect with respect to the unconscious.

Put another way the degree of unconscious development available to support conscious reconciliation of polarities (in heterarchical terms) is not sufficient. This in turn is due to the earlier unavoidable repression which took place at L1. Therefore it is necessary to return to L1 (which is vertically complementary with H1) in order to bring to (spiritual) light and then heal this earlier problem.

So horizontal and vertical polarities are themselves complementary (subject to Type 2 complementarity). Thus though attention is mainly on the horizontal polarities at H1, indirectly because of this complementarity the vertical dimension likewise is involved.