18 - Spiral Dynamics

Though I find it somewhat puzzling, in recent years Ken Wilber has been extolling the merits of Spiral Dynamics - which provides a much less impressive treatment of development - as basically in line with his own approach.

However I would strongly maintain that whereas Wilberís approach is undoubtedly superb in terms of its detailed treatment of development issues, it is mechanistic rather than dynamic in its orientation.
Also I would be concerned by frequent stereotypical application of simplistic spiral dynamic categories (by Ken and his supporters) to cheaply denigrate the perspectives of others (e.g. critical and political). Indeed in attempting to deal with opponents, Ken Wilber worryingly sometimes comes across as one defending a new ideology rather than an open system of thought.

The very image of a spiral combines both circular and linear notions. Therefore a true spiral dynamic approach to development should likewise combine both linear and circular methods of interpretation in a consistent manner. However as we have seen this certainly is not true of Wilberís approach. So by linking up with Spiral Dynamics he is creating the illusion - rather than the reality - of a proper dynamic method.