Imaginary Transcendental Numbers


In mathematical terms, these transcendental numbers relate to dimensions which are imaginary. These can be represented by 1pi and 1-p i respectively.

The corresponding psychological equivalent relates to the substructure activity of the later point level, which approximates to pure fantasy.

At the "higher" superstructure level of personality, emotion is almost entirely removed, enabling lucid insight of fundamental reality (simultaneously both intuitive and rational).

One is thereby enabled to provide a dimensional background appropriate to an understanding which harmonises both reason and intuition.

At the "lower" substructure level of personality, in complementary terms reason is almost entirely removed. In other words the blocking mechanism of super-ego control is removed from the experience of projections enabling a free unrestricted type of fantasy.

This literally represents experience of imaginary dimensions appropriate to the phenomena now experienced. As we have seen this involves a complementary marriage in the personality where masculine and feminine principles are fully harmonised.

Correctly understood therefore, at the advanced stages of the point level, experience of reality literally takes place in - what mathematically - are transcendental dimensions (both real and imaginary respectively).