Real Transcendental Stages


In mathematical terms we can list the transcendental numbers as 1p and 1-p . Here the transcendental numbers relate to the dimensions (to which the number 1 is raised).

In psychological terms the transcendental numbers relate to the later advanced superstructures of the point level and the dimensions in which experience takes place.

There now emerges a highly abstract deeply conceptual understanding of the relationship between linear and circular levels.

This understanding I have referred to as psycho-mathematical or transrational. Here the linear paradigm (mathematics) and the circular paradigm (transpersonal psychology) are harmonised in an amazing marriage of reason and intuition. One now clearly realises that every psychological relationship has a mirror image counterpart which is mathematical; in turn every mathematical relationship has a mirror image which is psychological. This offers the potential for highly creative insight into the fundamental structure of reality, now seen in complementary mathematical and psychological terms. (Indeed this whole book is an attempt to outline the fruits of such a marriage).