Imaginary Rational Structures


In mathematical terms these relate to imaginary numbers as dimensions e.g. 1Ö -1 .

The corresponding negative number is 1- Ö -1 .

Mathematically we can have imaginary dimensions that can be positive and negative.

These dimensions are replicated in the physical universe, when one interprets reality in terms of the appropriate imaginary paradigm.

Psychologically, the corresponding qualitative numbers refer to the formal imaginary (rational) structures where one now projects more deep rooted ideas and concepts from the unconscious.

The positive structures relate to objectively based concepts; the negative structures relate to more subjectively based ideas. Again the high level of mirror structure activity attaching to these projections quickly renders them imaginary. One now actually lives in a world where dimensions are experienced as imaginary. The world no longer seems to exist "out there". Rather it progressively appears to be - which it now dynamically is - a projection of one’s inner psyche. What one formerly experienced as a dream (i.e. fantasy) has now become reality. It is such a strange inversion of conventional reality, that it can only be understood through experience.