Imaginary Rational Structures



The square root of - 1 = i, is the fundamental imaginary number quantity. It has no real valued solution. This is because conscious understanding is based on an either/or logic. However unconscious understanding, to which imaginary numbers are more closely related, is based on a both/and logic. Thus the value of The square root of - 1 can be expressed as + 1 and - 1 simultaneously.

The square root of -1 = - i is the corresponding negative quantity.

The square root of - 1 can also represent the corresponding psychological unit quantity. This represents the attempt to express the unconscious through indirect conscious terms. Psychologically this represents (concrete) projected unconscious phenomena. The real meaning of such phenomena involves a both/and logic. The projection is only correctly understood through internal assimilation. Thus the imaginary phenomenon is correctly understood only when there is a fusion of both positive and negative directions leading to the disappearance of the phenomenon in a return to its home in the unconscious.

One of the most common confusions psychologically is the interpretation of projections in solely positive terms. Thus what is really of unconscious significance is reduced to solely conscious terms.

We have the development first of the concrete imaginary (rational) structures. This resembles in many ways the concrete rational stage of the linear level. One develops an interest in analytical practical pursuits. However these prove very transient. One is not able to hold on to phenomena possessively. They are quickly eroded and made unconscious due to the very high level of mirror structure activity characteristic of this stage. False hopes are continually vanquished during this time.

The positive structures relate to external pursuits, job ambitions, outdoor pursuits etc.

The negative structures - which are more difficult to assimilate - relate to the projection of subjective values and emotions.