Concrete Irrational: Positive

This can be referred to as the supersensory stage, corresponding in a subtly intuitive manner to the concrete rational stage of the linear level.

As stated there is a marked cyclical character to each of the stages of the circular level. The stage typically commences with a peak experience of pure spiritual illumination. This is often identified in mystical literature with a dramatic conversion to spiritual life (following a long painful search for meaning). An intense experience of platonic love could - in certain circumstances - equally mark the beginning of this state.

There then follows an attempt to translate this experience in phenomenal terms.This has both affective and cognitive aspects. The basic principle of this translation is that of the complementarity of opposites, where meaning is now strictly paradoxical and relative. In other terms by the logic of the rational stages, understanding is now irrational. Affective sense symbols, while enjoying a partial (visible) existence equally serve (in the light of spiritual intuition) as archetypes of a holistic (invisible) reality.

At the cognitive level one understands macro physical reality in relative terms. One would for example have little difficulty in intuitively accepting Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity.

However one seeks an even deeper meaning of relativity. At this stage space and time are seen in symmetrical terms as both having positive and negative directions. Thus both space and time are strictly relative. When time for example moves forward for the world (with respect to the self), it equally moves backwards for the self (with respect to the World). In dynamic terms time moves in opposite directions for World and self. The conventional scientific view completely ignores this dynamic dialectical relationship between object and subject assuming that time moves forward simultaneously for both world and self.

Correctly understand in terms of this stage time is merely relative flowing out from an ever present centre. A highly spiritual person experiences time in this manner. It equally means that time has only meaning in a partial relative context and is not applicable to the universe as a whole. The universe is always created out of a continual present. Pure intuition is thus an experience of this absolute truth.

During this stage one experiences phenomena as irrational. This is because - as we have seen - one attempts to translate what is vertical and two dimensional (intuition) in reduced one dimensional (rational) terms.

Mathematically this is expressed in horizontal terms by (2)1/2.

Because of the cyclical nature of this stage illumination ultimately fades with dark clouds appearing on the horizon.

What typically happens is that psychic energy tends to move to the new "higher" regions of personality so that earlier rational skills fall into disuse. One experiences therefore increasing difficulty in terms of one's normal duties. Indeed this is a renewal of negative structures (i.e. purgation) in relation to the earlier rational structures reaching deeper internal levels of personality. An acute dilemma develops. One has progressed considerably up this steep slope. However in the process one has removed any means of getting back to dry land.

A new deeper existential crisis inevitably develops.