Pre/Trans Issues
The following are a series of related articles on pre/trans issues.

The pre/trans fallacy (as in Ken Wilber's writings) is based on a somewhat distorted interpretation of the relationship between pre and trans (i.e. prepersonal and transpersonal).

While emphasising one important aspect i.e where pre and trans are clearly distinguished from each other, Wilber fails to adequately recognise the equally important aspect where pre and trans remain continuous with each other throughout development.

In dynamic experiential terms both aspects  - in varying configurations - are necessarily involved. Indeed properly understood a large variety of pre/trans fallacies exist.

Using the radial method, the articles outline the characteristic type of fallacy associated with each of the major levels of development (12 in my account).

1. Pre/Trans Issues 1 - Need for an Interactive Approach

2. Pre/Trans Issues 2 - Radial Method

3. Pre/Trans Issues 3 - 12 Stage Model Interpretations (A - Lower and Middle)

4. Pre/Trans Issues 4 - 12 Stage Model Interpretations (B - Higher and Radial)

5. Pre/Trans Issues 5 - Concluding Remarks

My thanks are due to Frank Visser who has kindly included the 1st part (Pre/Trans Issues 1 - Need for an Interactive Approach) in the Reading Room of his Integral World web-site.

For detailed replies to critical responses by Ken Wilber and Ray Harris to another article ("Dynamics of Development - a true Integral Approach") which also appeared on the "Integral World" web-site see:

Replies to Critics