Note 7 - Holistic Mathematical Interpretation of a Point

Of course nondual understanding is ineffable and cannot be directly identified with phenomenal notions such as line and circle (even when given a dynamic holistic interpretation).

However paradoxically, mathematical notions can help to throw some light on the (indirect) appreciation of the ultimate ineffable nature of nondual understanding.

In mathematics a point is defined as without dimensions.
The centre of the circle can be represented as a point, which is equally the centre of the bi-directional line diameter.
Therefore both the circle and the line are reconciled in terms of the point at their common centre.

Now in holistic dynamic terms this has an equally fascinating interpretation.
The point here represents the spiritual essence of being through which both circular (nondual) and dual (linear) understanding are reconciled.
So in dynamic terms nondual understanding is never totally pure but always mixed to a degree with phenomenal linear notions.
However as phenomenal rigidity is significantly reduced (especially with the unfolding of the higher mystical stages) the (independent) linear element is gradually eroded. The phenomenal nature of the circular understanding is likewise eroded so that there is a progressive shrinkage of both until they are equally identified as the common point at the centre.
However this approach is inherently dynamic so that one approximates this pure spiritual point of being rather than statically reaching it.
In other words the pure essence of being is experienced to the extent that the necessary dynamic interaction between (dualistic) form and (nondual) emptiness is continually refined.