Note 5 - Complementarity of Physical and Psychological Processes

A key aspect of Holistic Mathematics is that every structure that applies in psychological terms equally applies in complementary fashion to physical reality.

So the dynamic positing and negating of phenomena necessarily applies - in dynamic terms - to all physical processes. One very good example is provided by the very nature of sub-atomic interactions.
Here as especially with virtual particle activity, a phenomenon is briefly posited, and then dynamically negated instantaneously. So the very nature of virtual particles is that they arise in dynamic pairs where the positive pole is usually immediately negated by its complementary negative pole (i.e. annihilation of matter by anti-matter particles).

In fact in terms of diagonal complementarity (i.e. structural similarity between "higher" psychological and corresponding "lower" physical levels) virtual particle activity in the physical world corresponds very closely with the "imaginary" psychological activity approaching mystical union.
Thus - as I have repeatedly stressed - spiritual emptiness should be conceived in dynamic terms where it is fully consistent with intense phenomenal activity, especially of a virtual short-lived variety.
Here psychological projections enjoy but the briefest phenomenal existence before being negated in the return to the spiritual unconscious.
Physicists now understand that "empty" space is in fact full of dynamic virtual particle activity; likewise the same applies in psycho-spiritual terms.

Just as there is an unconscious ground in psychological terms (from which conscious phenomena emerge) so it is true in physical terms. Now we may not wish to refer to this physical ground in terms of the unconscious but rather a more neutral term such as "the ground of reality". However it should be understood as complementary with corresponding psychological notions.