Note 2 - Reductionism and Holistic Mathematical Symbols

Because Holistic Mathematics is inherently dynamic it must be understood in a similar manner.

The bi-directional understanding - though which its symbols are interpreted - relates to the higher levels of development (where such understanding properly unfolds).

Now the very nature of such understanding is that a very strong interaction exists as between the spiritual states and corresponding phenomenal structures appropriate to these levels.

Thus the appreciation of holistic mathematical symbols intimately depends on refined spiritual intuition. This then gives meaning to the phenomenal structures that embody such insight. However the relationship is two-way. Appropriate formulation through phenomenal structures in turn acts as a catalyst for the generation of deeper intuitive insight. So by relating spiritual states and phenomenal structures in this dynamic interactive manner, their mutual growth is greatly enhanced.

Perhaps the most common criticism I frequently receive is that any attempt to phenomenally encode higher levels of understanding through the use of mathematical symbols, is necessarily reductionist.
Unfortunately those who most commonly voice such criticism give little indication of appreciating its true nature (and invariably confuse it with conventional mathematical interpretation).

This however is completely mistaken.
When one attempts to understand Holistic Mathematics through the merely analytic understanding of the rational middle levels the significance of its symbolic representations is thereby lost. Thus its great potential relevance for a truly integral scientific approach cannot be appreciated.
Once again true understanding of Holistic Mathematics - which properly reflects the cognitive understanding appropriate to higher transpersonal levels - is both dynamic and balanced (where spiritual intuition and refined phenomenal interpretation continually interpenetrate).

Indeed in one sense it represents an important and very refined form of spiritual meditation.
One of my biggest concerns relates to the way in which meditation is so often identified in an unduly narrow religious manner where it can become somewhat compartmentalised and isolated from everyday concerns.
However in the deepest sense every symbol can serve - when appropriately viewed - as a meditative tool. And in this contest scientific and mathematical symbols are especially relevant.
When seen from this perspective, integral science - in all its aspects - can serve as a powerful meditative tool where its symbols become increasingly drenched in the spiritual mystery from which they originate and in turn serve as an important catalyst for deeper immersion in that same mystery.