Note 11 - Levels of Development

We will be dealing in more detail with the main levels of development (from both a psychological perspective - as levels of self - and physical perspective - as levels of reality - later).

However it may be helpful to briefly outline their nature.

The lower levels are viewed - in both cases - as the gradual emergence from a totally confused notion of integration (totally without differentiated structures) to successful differentiation in relation to the major three polarities.

So the body/self is the first to be differentiated and relates to the diagonal poles i.e. where form is separated from emptiness (archaic).

The emotional/self is next and relates to the differentiation of the vertical poles i.e. where whole and part notions are successfully differentiated (magic).

The mental self is next to develop where differentiation of exterior and interior horizontal poles takes place (mythic)

The middle level then relates to the specialised differentiation in relation all three polarities (rational)

The higher levels then relate - in reverse complementary fashion - to corresponding integration of these same polarities. Integration does of course to a degree takes place at the earlier levels but largely in a manner that is increasingly conditioned by differentiated notions.

So the mental self - which was last to be differentiated - is the first to be spiritually integrated representing the complementarily of (exterior/interior) horizontal poles (psychic/subtle).

The emotional self is next to be integrated with the complementarity of vertical poles i.e. the "higher" spiritual with one's "lower" instinctive nature (causal)

Finally - as we have seen the body/self - which was first to be differentiated is the last to be successfully integrated representing the successful complementarity of diagonal poles of bodily form and spiritual emptiness (nondual)

The radial "levels" then relate to both the successful differentiation and integration of structures and states both within each individual level and all levels simultaneously. In other words it represents a dynamic experience where opposite poles (horizontal, vertical and diagonal) are both successfully separated and integrated.

The levels or planes of reality correspond to the worldviews associated with each of the levels of self.
They can be studied in relative isolation (differentiation) or as complementary to levels of self in horizontal vertical and diagonal fashion (integration).