Note 10 - Integration of Body-Self

In psycho/physical terms the diagonal polarities relate directly to the relationship between body and spirit.

Thus the first stage of development relates to the differentiation of the body/self where the infant emerges from a totally confused state of integration (i.e. implying a total lack of differentiated structures) to the first successful differentiation of the diagonal polarities i.e. form as distinct from emptiness.

The final stage of development in complementary terms then relates to the proper integration of the body/self where the adult now achieves a mature state of integration (again implying a mature level of differentiated structures). So this applies directly to the successful integration of the diagonal polarities i.e. where form and emptiness mutually interpenetrate in a refined and balanced manner.
This could equally be expressed as the mature interpenetration of the immanent and transcendent aspect of Spirit.

So from one perspective one has successfully transcended the world of form in Spirit i.e. detached through authentic spiritual awareness from any rigid identification with material phenomena.
However equally from the opposite perspective one has successfully made the Spirit immanent in the world of form i.e. detached from any rigid separate notion of Spirit to find it fully revealed in the world of material phenomena.

Needless to say proper integration of the body/self requires an advanced level of authentic mystical development. The quasi-integration of the body/mind at the centaur is necessarily a reduced notion whereby it is unduly identified with successful adaptation to a world of forms that is experienced in a somewhat (rigid) differentiated manner.