8. As the transcendent and immanent aspects of development are not properly differentiated in early infancy they are directly confused with each other.

Because the infant is still operating through primitive impulsive desire, s/he is unable to properly transcend or go beyond immediate symbols (in any meaningful sense). Likewise because of this lack of transcendence, the Spirit is directly confused with the physical world (immanence).
So the dynamic confusion of pre and trans in early infancy can equally be described as the dynamic confusion of the transcendent and immanent aspects of development.
When one reflects on it this confused nature of immanence and transcendence is readily observable in infant behaviour. On the one hand, the infant suffers from a grossly inflated ego and an immature sense of omnipotence (undifferentiated transcendence).
Likewise impulsive desire is directly invested immediately in the physical phenomena that arise in experience (undifferentiated immanence).

So the deep healing of the shadow that takes place through authentic mystical development, relates to both repressed primitive prepersonal (i.e. confused immanent) and repressed primitive transpersonal (i.e. confused transcendent) elements.

What I am suggesting here is that - relatively speaking - whereas repressed prepersonal (immanent) confusion is likely to be the major problem for the metaphysical type, that repressed (transcendent) confusion is likely to dominate with the more affective personal type.