16 Padre Pio - the famous Italian saint - is an extremely interesting modern example of this same phenomenon.
He showed extreme body/mind sensitivity throughout his development. Indeed while training to be a priest he could not stay in the seminary due to repeated illness whenever he attended.
He also represents perhaps the best known example of the phenomenon of the stigmata where the wounds of Christ became represented for many years on his own body.

It becomes much easier to understand this phenomenon when we realise that extreme psycho/physical sensitivity can lead to remarkably close connections as between psychological and associated physical experience in some individuals.
Thus some subjects through the power of suggestion are able to reproduce what they imagine directly in physical bodily symptoms.

For the Christian mystic the passion and crucifixion of Christ would often serve as a powerful source of meditation.
Thus some mystics through intense concentration on Christ's sufferings are able to reproduce his wounds (or rather what they imagine were his wounds) on their own bodies.
Of course this ability to reproduce the stigmata is not in itself necessarily a healthy barometer of mystical development.
Indeed in some cases it can indicate the unhealthy desire of a somewhat unbalanced individual - with an extremely sensitive psycho/physical disposition - to seek attention.