14 I will briefly illustrate the dynamic as between form and emptiness (structures and states).
Entry to a new "higher" mystical stage is often associated with an outpouring of spiritual illumination. This can be directly identified with the mature state that characterises this level.
This new way of "seeing" reality (provided by the appropriate state) is associated with a new way of interpreting reality, which entails the corresponding unique structural pattern that characterises the level.
Thus for example H1 (the subtle level) is characterised by a special spiritual illumination (dream state) which facilitates the archetypal appreciation of symbols.
The structural pattern is then characterised by increasing dynamic interaction in experience in relation to the horizontal polarities (exterior and interior) leading to enhanced appreciation of the complementarity of opposites with respect to this aspect.

Now both aspects are interdependent.
The dawning of the new light (state) enhances appreciation of the paradox attaching to dualistic interpretation (structure). The desire to resolve this paradox leads back to an enhanced spiritual illumination (state) which in turn further enhances appreciation of the paradoxical features at a phenomenal level (structure).
So both structures and states are dynamically interdependent enhancing overall appreciation of their corresponding levels.