Note 6 - Mystical Interpretations of a Rock

As we have seen science is based on the assumption of a double correspondence i.e. that perceptions correspond with concepts and that in reverse fashion concepts correspond with perceptions.
So from one perspective, theories (concepts) can be used to order data (perceptions); from the other, data (perceptions) can be used to suggest theories (concepts).
This direct correspondence reflects the lack of dynamic interaction as between both aspects (quantitative and qualitative).
When interaction is rigid, the identity of separate poles is maintained with little modification. From this linear perspective, the assumption that quantitative characteristics remain unchanged through qualitative interaction seems warranted.
However linear understanding represents just one limited interpretation.
Let us take for example the example of a rock.
From a linear understanding this might be treated simply as a heap (a composite of other holons e.g. atoms exhibiting holarchic tendencies).
Furthermore the rock will be given a polarised existence i.e. an (exterior) objective interpretation as if somehow independent of (interior) mind.
Of course it may well be accepted that the "objective" recognition of the rock requires forming a corresponding mental perception. However because the interaction is not understood in proper dynamic fashion the "object" will be assumed to remain unaffected through this interaction i.e. a rock is a rock is a rock.
A further implied supposition will be that the (individual) perception of the rock is somehow unaffected through interaction with the collective concept of rock (that applies potentially to all perceptions of this class). Indeed the very notion of a heap is based again on this limited form of linear interpretation, where the individual holarchic holons are assumed to have an existence independent of the collective heap (whereas in dynamic terms this is clearly untenable).
However when seen through the gaze of authentic spiritual development, all these limited assumptions regarding the separation of polar opposites - which fundamentally define linear interpretation - break down.
Now for convenience we can trace this development in three stages.
In stage 1 (corresponding to the subtle realm), bi-directional understanding in relation to horizontal (exterior/interior) polarities takes place.
This means in effect that one begins to appreciate clearly that the actual exterior experience of an object cannot be abstracted from corresponding interior perception. Furthermore the dynamic dialectic that results continually changes both aspects and enhances authentic spiritual appreciation.
So now the dynamic experience of a phenomenon begins to properly serve as a symbol or archetype of the divine (as source and goal of all phenomena).
Thus any notion of the independent "objective" identity of the rock breaks down. From this perspective the experience of the rock (in relation to both exterior and interior aspects) becomes much more spiritually transparent and mysterious, radiating something of the eternal Spirit. Indeed in this respect the experience becomes much more integral.
In stage 2 (corresponding to the causal realm) bi-directional understanding in relation to vertical (individual/collective) polarities takes place. In effect this means than any notion of the individual identity of phenomena (as separate from the collective identity of all phenomena) breaks down. This very refined appreciation, whereby whole and part aspects can be related (while preserving the important distinction between them) requires both "real" (conscious) and "imaginary" (unconscious) appreciation to be preserved in mutual balance.
So for example the notion of a "heap" loses any residual meaning at this stage.
Here, in the experience of the rock, its intrinsic collective connection with all other phenomena is thereby enhanced. Likewise the growing awareness of this collective context greatly enhances appreciation of the individual uniqueness of the rock. So the rock now becomes even more transparent as the indirect expression of a continual awareness that is spiritual.
In stage 3 (corresponding to nondual reality) bi-directional understanding in relation to diagonal (form/emptiness) polarities i.e. that are simultaneously both horizontal and vertical, takes place.
This requires the purest activity of the will so that any possessive attachment of either a direct (voluntary) or indirect (involuntary) nature largely ceases.
Thus any remaining phenomenal rigidity in relation to the experience of the rock is eroded and it becomes fully spiritually transparent, continually radiating the ever-present Spirit and in turn becoming continually renewed as transparent form through that same Spirit.
We could put this another way i.e. the experience of the rock now becomes fully integral.
However if we are to properly understand the nature of integral understanding, we have to clearly recognise how the limited assumptions regarding separation of polar opposites - that go unquestioned at the level of conventional scientific appreciation - become increasingly untenable in the light of authentic spiritual awareness.