Note 16 - Levels, Planes, Structures, States, and Body-Minds

Though I will be dealing with the structure of the major levels of understanding later, it may be helpful to make some initial comments at this stage.

The Spectrum of Understanding - which represents a dynamic transformation process - can be given dual interpretations as (psychological) stages or levels of self, or alternatively as (physical) planes or levels of reality which are dynamically interdependent.

This dual interpretation of levels of self and corresponding planes of reality arises directly from the horizontal polarities we have mentioned (i.e. interior and exterior).

Secondly these levels can be characterised by primary states on the one hand and fundamental structures on the other. For example the level we are dealing with here i.e. H1 (corresponding to the psychic/subtle realm) is characterised by a primary manner of spiritual seeing (the dream state) and a fundamental structure (i.e. the bi-directional interaction of opposite exterior/interior poles).

So in dynamic terms there is a mutual interaction between form (in the refined paradoxical structures of the level) and emptiness (in its underlying spiritual state).

This level is then complementary with L1 (mythic) which in structural terms represents the confused interaction of the same horizontal polarities (accompanied by a confused dream state).

This dual interpretation of primary states and fundamental structures that characterises each level arise directly from the vertical polarities (i.e. whole and part).

Finally all levels are characterised by a unique psycho/physical (mind/body) interaction. This interaction in turn arises directly from the combined attempt to relate both the levels and planes of reality and structures and states (associated with these levels).

So this dual (simultaneous) mind/body interaction arises directly from the diagonal polarities (i.e. form and emptiness).

Now the structure of these levels (in relationships to all aspects) can be most fruitfully encoded in a manner that is mathematical (in a dynamic holistic sense).

As we have seen this mathematical interpretation provided the means for both a (linear) differentiated and (circular) integral appreciation.

The archetypal nature of phenomena that is associated with the level H1 arises directly from the dynamic structure/state interaction (that characterises the level).

Thus the paradoxical relationship of exterior/interior poles, characterises all phenomena at this level. The reconciliation of such paradox leads to a transformed spiritual state of illumination (the mature dream state) which increasingly interpenetrates with the refined bi-directional aspects of form.

Thus as these refined phenomena increasingly radiate the Spirit they become purer archetypes of the same Spirit.