Note 13 - Imaginary Experience of a House

To illustrate let us take the quantitative recognition of a holon such as a house. So in recognising this holon, I form an (individual) perception.

However the corresponding (collective) concept of house which potentially applies to all (individual) perceptions is by contrast qualitative in nature.

So in dynamic terms, the decisive switch from (quantitative) perception to (qualitative) concept is provided by the "imaginary" appreciation of the archetypal house (which in essence is the spiritual quality giving the house its universal collective identity).

Without this transcendent "imaginary" appreciation which represent the indirect expression of the unconscious it would not be possible to move from individual perceptions of a particular phenomenon to recognition of its common universal identity. (Equally of course without corresponding immanent "imaginary" appreciation, it would not be possible to move from the collective concept of "house" to individual perceptions of "real" houses).

We can then extend this notion to series of several distinct individual phenomena, which when grouped in a certain way lead to a common universal pattern.

Indeed this is the essence of so much understanding where we attempt to literally "see" a more general conceptual pattern in a series of - initially - disparate individual data.

The very ability to "see" in this manner is provided through ones "imaginary" understanding which implicitly to a degree provides a universal identity to phenomena as ultimately archetypes of a spiritual reality which is ineffable.

Now when this "imaginary" understanding is greatly developed - reflecting the mature development of the unconscious - truly creative understanding can take place with the ability to see exciting and unexpected qualitative conceptual patterns connecting disparate quantitative perceptions. (Alternatively it leads to exciting quantitative data that inspire corresponding conceptual linkages).

So the "imaginary" is indeed the source of creative spiritual intuition in experience transforming the interpretation of phenomena.