Note 11 - Involution and Evolution

According to this integral (bi-directional) interpretation, phenomenal relationships in space and time emanate from a central spiritual point (i.e. the present moment) and keep returning to that central point.

So evolution and involution are thereby seen likewise as secondary phenomenal expressions of the spiritual present (which unfold relatively in space and time).

What is evolution from the perspective of one polar reference frame, is involution with respect to the other; likewise when we switch reference frames, what is now involution (from this perspective) is evolution in terms of the other.

So for example if I identify evolution with the exterior aspect (i.e. the view that "reality" evolves) then the self involves with respect to this reference point.

However if I switch reference frames and now identify evolution with respect to development of the (interior) self, then (exterior) reality now involves with respect to this reference point.

So in dynamic terms, evolution and involution are merely relative (paradoxical) expressions in space and time of a central spiritual point continually renewed (i.e. the eternal present).