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What is Pharmachem?
Pharmachem is the Irish national organisation of veterinary pharmacists, founded to re-establish pharmacy as the primary source of veterinary medicines. It is designed to facilitate pharmacists who want to get involved in veterinary and those already established. Officially launched in 1989 by the Minister for Agriculture and Food, its membership now exceeds 380.

Objectives of Pharmachem
1 - To provide an organised buying force while maintaining individuality. 

2 - To provide the opportunity for smaller pharmacists to benefit from this buying power. 

3 - To re-establish the pharmacy as a primary source of veterinary medicines. 

4 - To develop an identifiable image which can be promoted through advertising to the farmer. 

5 - To organise a cohesive lobbying group to influence pending legislation.

The Pharmachem/Boileau & Boyd agreement provides advice, wholesale distribution and administrative support for its members. Pharmachem, through the centralised purchasing of Boileau & Boyd, have negotiated very competitive terms with all the major suppliers. Discounts/bonuses negotiated are fully reflected in the product unit price and are available to Pharmachem members only.

Membership of Pharmachem is open to all community pharmacists. It is not envisaged that existing arrangements between the larger veterinary pharmacists and veterinary companies will be altered. However, pharmacists in this category will find Pharmachem advantageous for topping up on seasonal offers and purchasing slower moving lines. It is designed to be of particular interest to the pharmacist who is not in a position to purchase large quantities and who has seen his business eroded over the years and still wants to be competitive.

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