Are you a RUNTof the litter?

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Psychologists agree it’s definitive!

“It’s definitive!” A REAL psychologist


Question 1.

Do you think other people are plotting against you all the time, and that they know that you know that they are and are trying to cover up for it by acting completely natural all the time thus proving your theory? Y/N


Question 2.

Do you sometimes massage your temples while repeating the phrase “Doomed, doomed, we are all of us doomed!”? Y/N


Question 3.

Are you sometimes aroused by road signs? Y/N


Question 4.

What is the capital of Azerbaijan? Y/N


Question 5.

How many fingers am I holding up? Y/N


Question 6.

A Man goes into a shop. He hasn’t any money on him. He manages to buy two apples and a pair of fish net tights. What is his change in Euros? Y/N


Question 7.

Do you sometimes get bored while in the middle of compiling phoney psychological surveys? Y/N


Question 8.

Do Women? Y/N


Question 9.

Do you worry that others do not find you attractive and therefore go out of your way to look unattractive just to spite them but secretly still expect praise for not making an effort and hope that one day you could be on one of those makeover shows and the whole world could finally see you for the suave sophisticated drop dead gorgeous gadabout that you really are but secretly suspect that if you sent your photo into one of those makeover shows they wouldn’t give you an opportunity because let’s face it you’re no oil painting? Y/N


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