The Runts of the Litter was published in 2000 by A&A FARMAR to universal acclaim and/or indifference. Now I know what you must be asking yourselves, why has the font changed from yellow to red? and the answer is simple: market research. We have spent thousands on finding just the right colour tones to make people READ THIS BOOK. (Writing words in all caps makes people pay attention, even if they donít want toĖ FACT!.)

WHO are these two fellows above? Well they are Ernest and Jon, the heroes of our story, who set off on a surreal journey across Ireland, and along the way encounter strange vagrants, vigilantes, and sadistic Christians. Well actually they are just two people who agreed to be on the front cover of the original novel, but they were very nice about it and didnít get paid or anything and even if they are not Ernest and Jon, I think we can all agree they look lovely.




Garret Baker



Ardal OíHanlon


ďComical, sharp, perceptive.Ē

Brendan Kennelly

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