The Campaign against Bullying, founded by Vivette O'Donnell in 1983, is aimed at being more a gadfly than an elephant in its opposition to bullying.

Bullying is not only wrong in itself and nasty in its effects; it is also in its manifestations a violation of the laws and regulations of any civilized state, and such states and the organizations within them have agencies of various types, responsible for enforcing these laws and regulations.

Unfortunately for the people who are affected by bullying, it can be difficult to find out which is the most appropriate agency in a specific case and how it is to be motivated; particularly since these agencies, and the individuals of whom they are composed, tend to develop their own agendas and their own priorities.

CaB tries to pinpoint the relevant regulation and agency, helps to prepare arguments and attends meetings as moral support and relatively unbiased third party, to goad the functionaries into functioning.

It also supports and fosters efforts to produce a social climate less favourable to bullying, and is in communication with similar organizations world-wide.


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