Central Pennsylvania Annual Conference

The United Methodist Church


WHEREAS the practices of bullying and mobbing are individual and group behaviors which seek -- by means of unethical, irresponsible, and inappropriate expressions of power and control -- to minimize and destroy the worth, the value and the dignity of targeted persons; and

WHEREAS public awareness has long existed on the practices of bullying and mobbing by children and youth, particularly in the school environment; and

WHEREAS public awareness has been growing more recently on the practices of bullying and mobbing by adults in workplace and other environments; and

WHEREAS bullying and mobbing are destructive to one's spiritual, emotional, and physical health; and

WHEREAS The United Methodist Church is called to minister to the needs of all persons in distress, be it spiritual, emotional or physical;

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved, and it is hereby resolved, that The Central Pennsylvania Conference of The United Methodist Church:

      categorically oppose the practices of bullying and mobbing;

      diligently work to increase societal awareness of these destructive behaviors; and

      intentionally validate, enlighten, support, and empower persons being injured by such behaviors in workplaces, schools and all other environments.

Submitted by The Administrative Council, Crever Memorial United Methodist Church [Petersburg (Altoona District)]

Guy E. Croyle, Co-Chair

Sharon Landis, Pastor

The Board of Church and Society recommends concurrence.

Passed unanimously: 7th June 2001