1913 - 1970

James Henderson Scott

a memorial




ANATOMIST             He was a teacher and researcher who published numerous scientific papers in International journals.  He co-authored two successful textbooks for dental students.


SCIENTIST                 He was among the first to write a coherent explanation of the development and growth of the skull. He inspired, encouraged and guided numerous research workers.


THEOLOGIAN           He was a convert to Roman Catholicism who was taken seriously by the clergy. He published "The Christian Vision", described at the time as perhaps the best defence of the faith that had seen for a long time.


POLITICIAN:             Lectured and wrote extensively to lessen the tensions that prevailed in a divided Northern Ireland.


POET                          Wrote numerous poems to reflect his insights into the human condition and to capture his private view of the world that he experienced.


LETTER WRITER       James Scott watched and listened to everything that was going on around him and wrote numerous letters to the national and local papers to air his views. They were often enhanced by his humour.


WIT                             There was never an occasion in lecturing or speaking on special occasions  when James Scott failed to introduce humour and his sense of fun. His letter to the Times on the Piltdown fake is a marvellous example. 



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