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Gerry Harrington & Charlie Piggott


Gerry Harrington (fiddle player) hails from Kenmare, Co. Kerry and grew up under the influence of fiddle players Joe Thomas, Connie O'Connell and Dennis McMahon. While living in Chicago, he collaborated with the well known musicians Johnny McGreevy and Liz Carroll. After returning to Ireland, he formed the box/fiddle duet with Eoin O'Sullivan, recording two noted albums "Sces1 Eile" and "The Smokey Chimney". He now works as a professional musician in Waterford and features regularly on television, radio and concert performances. Charlie Piggott (accordion player) from Cobh, Co. Cork, has been playing traditional music from a young age. One of the founding members of De Dannan, with whom he toured extensively and was involved in several recordings. He now works as a professional musician in Galway and features regularly on television, radio and at traditional music festivals. Strict adherence to tradition is important to both players in the performance of the music and every effort is made to rescue old rare and seldom played tunes from the tradition. They perform the tunes in accordance with the ethos of older players who have passed the music on to them. They are available for bookings throughout the year.

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